Hello and welcome to My Vacuum Cleaners. My name is Ava, and I’m the sole owner of this website. I’m a writer and a digital marketer. I work with a team of 3 well-experienced researchers to bring you the beautiful content. We have vast knowledge in vacuum cleaners as we’ve all had a chance to work in vacuum cleaner industry for a while. Besides that, we all pretty have a good background in product analysis. You’re probably thinking we are a bunch of experts who have had a taste of all the products… NO. We provide you with useful and accurate information by doing thorough and in-depth research as well as analyzing customer feedback. We consider both the customer rating and their reviews on the particular products in various websites and online platforms. Our aim is to help you understand what other customers say about given products.

We don’t stop there! NO! We’ve hired a team of experts to provide reviews on the various products to ensure the information is accurate as possible.

We are here help you!

I know many of you may probably want to maintain your floors tidy, and beautiful, but you have no idea of the best products for the perfect floors.

Worry no more, we’ve got you.

Well, thank you for visiting and all the best. In case of any question, you can send an email to ava@myvacuumcleaners.com.


My Vacuum Cleaners

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