Eufy RoboVac 30C Review

RoboVac 3C is one of the most popular vacuums around. It has a powerful suction and advanced features that anyone would want his/her vacuum to have to effective cleaning. Most people don’t like vacuuming their house and instead they prefer to do something else. If you are in this category, Eufy RoboVac 30C is what to go for. It generates a huge amount of suction to clean harder to on hardwood carpets and remove all the gunk under all the surfaces.


  • Super thin- 2.85” body and 1500Pa to clean everywhere you want.
  • Anti-scratch tempered glass-top cover to protect any scratching on objects and furniture.
  • Infrared-sensor to sweep the area it covers.

  • Remote to control cleaning and has 2 AAA batteries.
  • AC power adaptor.
  • High-performance filters.
  • 4 brushes at the side to effectively clean all kind of surfaces.


  • BoostIQ technology.
  • 100 minutes run time on a hard floor with standard power mode.
  • A welcome guide with simple instruction on how to configure and control.
  • Cleans non-stop- The powerful suction and the 100 minutes allows it to clean effectively the whole place without a stop.
  • No attention – The sensing technology controls the RoboVac from falling.
  • Ready to clean- The RoboVac returns to charging is the battery is low. This enables it to be ready at any time.
  • Large dustbin- Its big enough to utilize the 100 minutes run time cleaning continuously.
  • Auto cleaning mode- Using your smartphone you schedule your cleaning and the RoboVac will clean automatically.
  • 13.2 ft boundary strip.
  • Quite
  • Cheap price


  •   Can’t be used in high piled carpets and dark surfaces
  •  Leave behind some debris

How it Works
The RoboVac 30C has a brush underneath that sweeps the dirt and pet hair from the floor and carpet. The two brushes on the side sweeps and collect dirt under furniture and awkward corners. It moves around the house cleaning until the power runs low which automatically docks to the charging unit. It will automatically resume cleaning when the battery is full.

The boundary strip restricts the RoboVac not to clean where is not needed. It has a button of “auto clean” which you can change when you want it to clean to edge and press ‘Edge clean” button to clean corners and edges. If you want to clean just one room, it has an option of “quick clean” which cleans only for 30 minutes. The “Find” button will help you locate it whenever it gets stuck anywhere.

You can use the EufyHome app to schedule your daily cleaning and it will clean automatically. This can be done from the comfort of your phone at home or elsewhere. The most beautiful thing about RoboVac, it is not loud. It will not be a bother when cleaning as compared to iRobot Roomba 675.

You need to check that the dustbin is empty every time before the next scheduled clean up. This you can do manually.  Weekly, check that nothing is wrapped on the wheels and no pet hairs on the filters. Make it a routine to clean at least once per month the sensors and charging units with a dry piece of cloth.

I tested both on carpet and floor and it inhaled most of the messes though it left one or two debris in both floor and carpet. When the power was low, the BOOSTIQ mode reduced it to 50 minutes. Unlike the N79S which lasts for 100 minutes on the same mode. The overall cleaning is tremendously recommendable.
If you value your time and you are looking for a low budget robot cleaner, you can consider the Eufy RoboVac 30C. There others with the same functionality and features like Ecovacs Deebot N75you can as well check out.


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