Vacuum cleaners take a beating every time we use them. Every other day, they wear and tear leaving them in need of constant maintenance and servicing. Part of this TLC process is cleaning your vacuum regularly. Here, we will teach you the best practice when it comes to cleaning your Dyson vacuum cleaner.

A lot of people use the Dyson brand of vacuum cleaners. This popular brand has an impressive range of products with a number of differences. The mechanism is however similar across most of them. We will discuss how to clean a Dyson vacuum cleaner by giving you specific steps you will take to get the job done right.

What You Will Need

  • compressed air,
  • a cloth,
  • soap,
  • water,
  • scissors,
  • and flathead screwdriver

To get started, gather all your cleaning gear. It is also imperative that you remember to unplug your vacuum cleaner. Seems like a no brainer but let’s not take any chances as it could be fatal. It is also preferable to do some of the steps outdoors to prevent getting your house dirty. Here’s how to clean your Dyson vacuum cleaner.

 Wipe the exterior with a wet cloth

Not all the parts of a Dyson vacuum cleaner do well with water. That is why you should be careful and aware as you go. To begin with, the exterior does not need to be washed inside water. Instead, use a damp cloth to wipe down all parts that are exposed.

Empty the dirt canister

Your vacuum cleaner picks up a lot of dirt especially in busy households. So, chances are your dirt bin has some dirt in it. Clean out all the dirt and empty it into a trash bag.

Remove Filter And Cover

It is better to get these out of the way first to clean all the internal parts and get it over with. The filters will have a process of their own so put these aside. Use your flathead screwdriver to open the roller cover and set it aside to access the roller brushes.

Remove hair on the roller brushes.

It is highly likely for you to find hair on your roller brushes. From the pieces that fell when you were combing your hair to the hair left on our floors by pets, there is always some hair or thread that gets tangled up in your roller brushes.

Use your pair of scissors to cut them out carefully and remove all the pieces until you are sure your roller is good to go. This is vital because roller brushes that are entangled with thread and hair are less effective in removing debris from your floors. Once you have this part covered, screw the cover back in place to ensure you don’t lose the screws.

Clean the cyclone

The cyclone is a part of your vac that gets very dirty during vacuuming. To recognize the cyclone, look for the part of your vacuum cleaner with many little holes. This is where the compressed air I mentioned comes in.

The compressed air will blow out all the dirt stuck between the holes and that means that this will be a messy ordeal. Ensure you are doing it over a trash can or out in the open. Also, put on your dirt mask. Blow the compressed air over your cyclone until you are sure you have covered the entire thing. Do this both on the inside and the outside of your vac.

Wash the cyclone

Once you are sure your cyclone is completely dirt free, it is time to wash it. This step will need some water, dish soap works well and a sponge or cloth. Wash the cyclone with the soapy water and rinse it out thoroughly until you are sure it is clean. Take a dry cloth and wipe it dry. You can also alternatively use paper towels.

Wash the dirt can

The dirt you can clear out still needs more TLC. The best way to go about this is by using your dish soap and a cloth or even a sponge. Wash the canister with water to remove the dirt then wash thoroughly with soap and water and finally rinse it out. Remember to dry the canister with a cloth or some paper towels before you put it back on your vac.

Wash the sponge filter

One of the filters you can expect to find in a Dyson vacuum cleaner is a sponge filter. It plays an important role in keeping all those nasty allergens trapped inside your vacuum. To clean your sponge filter, take it out of your vac and put it inside soapy water. Wash the sponge between your fingers and rinse until the water is clean when you squeeze it.

Point to Note

Once you have all this covered, there are some things that you need to remember. Vacs are machines and they run on electricity. That means that some of their internal components do not go well with water. That is why the next thing I will tell you is very vital.

Ensure you leave all the parts that you wash with water to dry out. That means that the cyclone, dirt can and the filter cannot go back into your vac for at least 24 hours. Ensure that these parts have dried well after those 24 hours before reassembling your vacuum cleaner.

Parting Shot

Your Dyson vacuum cleaner can last many years with proper maintenance. You don’t have to do this entire process each day. A simple cleaning schedule can go a long way in keeping your vac in good shape.

We suggest wiping down the exterior at least every week to avoid grime and dirt from piling up. Give your vacuum cleaner a deep clean every two months to get all the tangled hair and dust out of the internal components.

Finally, it is good practice to visit a professional every few years. That ensures that you catch any faulty parts before they cause permanent damage to your vacuum cleaner. These simple steps will help you clean your Dyson vacuum cleaner effectively.

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