Cats, dogs, hamsters, heck even snakes, can be man’s friend. When that happens we invite these animals into our homes and we tame them. They all play an important role in our lives and we even come to see them as members of our families as time goes by.

Furry pets are the most popular with many people being proud dog and cat mommies and daddies. The one thing that is clear is the responsibility that comes with owning a pet. Pets tend to leave hair on our floors and furniture. This is why hand held vacuum cleaners are a must have in any home with furry pets.

Not all handheld vacuum cleaners work the same. Here, we will look  at some of the absolute best handheld vacuum cleaners for getting all that hair off your floors and upholstery.

First, let’s have a look at how to pick the best hand vacuum to tame the pet hair in your home.

How To Pick The Best Hand Vacuum

To get you started, you need to be aware of what to look for in a great hand vacuum. Hand vacuums may not be ideal for deep cleaning but they are great for pet hair management.

These are some things you must consider when picking a handheld vacuum to get rid of pet hair from those floors.

1. The suction power

Suction is the backbone of every vacuum cleaner ever invented. The right amount of suction ensures you clean out the messes in your home more effectively and for a shorter amount of time.

You will need to think about the floors in your home as you choose your ideal hand vac. You will need greater suction power to erase the pet hair off your carpet as opposed to tile or wood floors. With that in mind, consider a hand vacuum with higher suction if you have carpet floors.

 2. Mobility

One of the reasons that people love hand vacuums is the fact that they are small and mobile. A hand vacuum comes in handy as far as quick cleaning messes go. There are many kinds of hand vacuums in the market as you will see from our list.

A great hand vacuum for pet hair is one that you can easily lift and equally easily store. That ensures you are able to quickly get rid of pet hair from your floors and furniture on a whim.

Some brands are even wall mountable. That means that your hand vacuum gets to recharge while in storage and it is always ready to go when you need it.

2. Battery life

No one wants to keep going back and forth from the charging station to the mess. It is time consuming and the dirt may spread or get etched onto the floor. A great battery life is what you need to avoid this kind of uncalled for trouble.

When picking a great hand vacuum to deal with your pet hair situation, you should consider one with a big battery. Doing this will guarantee you a longer runtime and of course, a much better cleaning experience.

3. Pet hair tool

Most hand vacuum brands that you will find in the market today are made for multiple functions. You will find that they have a crevice tool to get into all the little tight spots, a multifunctional tool for day to day cleaning and a pet hair tool to ensure your floors and upholstery always look clean.

This is another factor that you ought to consider when looking for your ideal hand vacuum for pet hair. A pet hair tool is specially designed to ensure maximum pick up with minimal effort on your vacs part.

With a clearer mind on how to choose a great hand vacuum for your home, we have compiled a list of the very best products currently on the market. This list covers the best hand vacuums that will keep the pet hair contained.


1. BISSELL Pet Hair Eraser Ion Hand Vacuum, 2389

Bissell hand vacuums are built with our furry friends in mind. They have a wide range of products and this is one that is popular among many buyers.

The Bissel Ion has a unique shape that is made to ensure a comfortable grip. The shape also ensures maximum suction is achieved with the pet tool and upholstery tools ensuring no hair is left on your furniture.

This hand vac comes with a larger bin than you would expect to find in the majority of handheld vacuums.

Pet, Pet Hair, Hand Vacuum, Cordless, Lithium Ion, Battery, Rechargeable, portable











We highly recommend this hand vacuum for all your pet hair needs. You can rest assured with the rotating brush tool designed specifically to handle pet hair your home will stay clean and clear of pet messes.

2. Bissel Pet Hair Eraser Hand Vacuum

Another great product is this Bissel hand vacuum. With its unique shape and powerful suction power, this product assures pet owners of a hair free floor as well as furniture.

Some of the things that make this vac stand out is the cyclonic cleaning that ensures even tiny little particles are all picked up.

It is a corded design which limits part of its mobility but the cord is 14ft long making it effective for use in small spaces.












This vac is a must have for pet owners looking to get rid of messes in compact spaces with its unique tool shape.

3. BLACK+DECKER 20V Max Handheld Vacuum

This product is amazing for pet owners looking for a small but easy to use vac. This multi-functional hand vacuum is perfect for helping you clean up after your pet at home, in the car or wherever you are. 

It comes with an ergonomic handle that ensures it is comfortable to hold. The design also ensures maximum suction for its small size thanks to its pivoting nozzle. 

This product also comes with the infamous cyclonic action that guarantees dirt and debris stays clear of the filter to avoid affecting suction. The filter ensures all the debris is locked into the chamber and also guarantees that the air coming out of your vacuum cleaner is healthy for people to breathe. 


The manufacturer recommends giving a quick clean to the filter as long as you have used it to get the very best out of it. This is definitely a great contender for all pet lovers.

4. Black And Decker Dustbuster 

Black and decker are knownk for their range of cleaning supplies. This hand vacuum is one of the reasons they are so popular. This hand vacuum is a powerful addition to your cleaning arsenal if you have a furry buddy in your home.

This vac has a pet tool designed with rubber bristles to ensure not a single hair is left on floors, upholstery and car interiors. It also comes with a crevice tool and brush so you can use it to clean multiple in nds of messes.

The long battery life is also something to envy in this product. It has a cordless design ensuring you are able to achieve more with your hand vac during every use.



If you worry about making a mess when cleaning out your vac, then this vac might as well be the best option on the market for your needs. Not only is the dust cup clear for you to always see how much dirt has accumulated, you also have the ability to clean it out without having to touch it.

Definitely a product worth your while for pet hair issues.

5. Shark WV201 WANDVAC Handheld Vacuum,

If you’re on the market for a light weight vacuum that will handle your pet hair problems, then this is the very product for you. it has a unique and simplistic design that is made to pick up both large debris and fine particles.

This hand vac also comes with a charging dock allowing you to easily store your vacuum cleaner. This factor also ensures your hand vacuum does not take up any significant storage in your home.



The powerful motor may be brushless but that does not make this hand vacuum any less powerful. It comes with an equally great battery that ensures fast charging and long run time.

You need not worry about pet hair and pet related messes with this vacuum at hand. We definitely endorse this vacuum cleaner for pet owners looking to keep the messes handles.

6. SUPERLEX Handheld Vacuum Cleaner



Another hand vacuum that is perfect for pet messes is this sleek and light weight vac. It comes with a charging dock that doubles as storage keeping it out of your kitchen cabinets.

This vac is not all aesthetics with its powerful suction ability on a variety of floor types. This hand vacuum is light weight and easy to use for people across demographics.

This hand vacuum will also not dissapoint you with its long battery life.  It has a continuous runtime of up to half an hour and takes about 4 hours go fully recharge.

This is not a deep cleaning hand vacuum but it definitely works great at keeping pet hair and messes at bay.

7. Shark Rocket vacuum cleaner

If you need a hand vacuum that does a lot more than quick cleaning, then you need to consider the shark rocket. This hand vacuum may not be as light weight as some of the products but you will get nothing short of a deep and comprehensive cleaning.


This hand vacuum is designed with pet messes in mind. It does not matter whether you are cleaning wet messes on carpet, pet hair on upholstery or food spills around bowls. This hand vacuum is well adapted to multiple scenarios.

Another thing that many customers enjoy is the ease in cleaning out the dust cup. It has a bagless design that ensures you never have to worry about cleaning time. Your cup will be good as new at the touch of a button.

This is the best hand vacuum if you want to deep clean pet messes. Not many hand vacuums will give you this kind of ability.

8. MOOSOO Handheld Vacuum

Moosoo has the most powerful brushless motor, with the most advanced modifications by any measure. The motor supports a long-lasting endurance of upto 600 hrs. It significantly reduces friction which directly results to the high suction power of 12000PA.



Lightweight with above average suction, this is another hand held vacuum that has made our list. The reason hand vacuums are a go to solution for handling pet messes is their mobility. This products is definitely easy to maneuver.

The design in this hand vacuum is brushless but equally effective for picking up even little particles. It has a motor with two speeds to maximize pick up of dirt and debris.

It’s small size ensures that it runs with minimal noise. That makes it a great addition for homes with younger kids. It’s quick dumping system makes for great use even among young users.

Filtration is a key factor as far as vacuums go especially if you have pets. Some people have allergic reactions to pet hair. The washable filters ensures that all the dirt is kept locked into your vacuum cleaner until it’s time to dump.

9. BLACK+DECKER dustbuster Handheld Vacuum

Yet another product by black and decker, this hand vacuum is also great for pet messes. It comes donned with a nozzle that has a brush to ensure etched in dirt is loosened enough for easy pick up.

BLACK+DECKER dustbuster Handheld Vacuum, Cordless, 16V (CHV1410L)


This vac also has cyclonic action that helps keep the filter clean and suction high. The removable filter will need constant washing to keep the vac efficient.

It has a great batterey as well making sure you can get all that hair off your upholstery before you need to recharge it.

Did we mention that this is by far one of the most energy efficient products? This product promises to use 50% less energy than all its counterparts.

This is a product we believe any pet owner will enjoy having. Definitely a great contender.

10. Oreck Super Deluxe Handheld Vacuum

The final product on our list is a hand held vac that does more than its counterparts. It is yet another pet perfect product with multie tools to ensure great cleaning across your space.


This hand vacuum is also ideal for deep cleaning. With all the different cleaning modes, you can rest assured you have a tool for every kind of mess.

It is one of the few hand vacuums that come with a shoulder strap. Due to its mighty suction power, it has a larger size than most hand vacs. That is precisely why the shoulder strap is a great addition.

This is a product worth adding to your cleaning supply closet for all pet owners.

Parting Shot

Have you found an ideal vacuum cleaner from our list? There’s certainly  several things to love in each product. Remember your vacuum can help surve a number of purposes. This list covers the very best when it comes to pet hair matters. Find the best product to suit your specific needs and then some. There’s always a product out there for every fussy shopper if you know what to look for when shopping.




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